West 12 Ranch

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West 12 Ranch is a haven of rustic California beauty. From the lush green grass of the horse ranch to the scenic photo studio and exquisite glass art, West 12 Ranch captures the true elegance of the countryside in every aspect.

West 12 Ranch is home to a unique combination of remote beauty and distinctive art. Sprawling green acres house the Ranch’s own Kiger mustangs, as well as a fine collection of thoroughbred horses. Horse owners from all over the west coast use the Ranch as a second home for boarding, foaling, lay-ups, lay-overs, and other services. The beautiful horses and panoramic landscape form the perfect backdrop for The Studio. The West 12 Ranch Studio welcomes graduating seniors, newlyweds, families and more for picture-perfect country photos. Finally, event planners, couples planning their dream wedding and glass art admirers enjoy the unique, artistic creations of West 12 Hoopla!. Hoopla! brings you hand-crafted glass art for your home as well as centerpieces and cake displays for your wedding or other elegant event.

Explore West 12 Ranch and contact via phone or email to arrange a visit, boarding services, photo shoot or event rental.