Thoroughbred Boarding

West 12 Ranch features 40 acres of irrigated grass pastures, automatic waterers, and natural and man-made shade. We supplement the grass with oats, barley, pelleted vitamin/mineral supplements, alfalfa, and grass hay as needed. Dirt pastures, long pens, paddocks, sales pens, and bedded stalls are also available as needed or upon request.

We limit the number of horses in each pasture to avoid overcrowding, and we carefully consider gender, age, physical ability, and personality when creating our pasture herds. We also use older “nanny” horses to help maintain order among the weanlings and yearlings when needed.

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Please contact us for more information, or to arrange a tour.

**As a Thoroughbred farm, at this point we restrict our boarding to race industry Thoroughbreds and our personal riding horses. If you have a riding or companion horse you would like to board, please consider one of the many riding stables or private barns in the area.


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