Studio Rates

Not sure what to pay?

Regular Rates

Tour: $40

(Required for each photographer before using the ranch for the first time)

Single Session: up to 90 minutes with ONE client /immediate family group.

* This rate is PER CLIENT or PER small family group (2-generation, ie: Mom, Dad, kids) even if you choose not to use your full 90 minutes with each client/family. For instance, if you have aunts/uncles/cousins represented, please pay separately for each family.

Jan-Sep $40


Mini-sessions (2 Hour Minimum): Photographers set up shop on one reserved location on the ranch for at least TWO HOURS, and we set out signs to direct clients so the photographer can offer up to three “mini-sessions” each hour (roughly every 20 minutes).

JAN-SEPT: $70 per hour ($140 min.)

OCT-NOV-DEC: $90 per hour ($180 min.)

Special Requests:
** Please let us know your special request at the time you book your appointment. Staff permitting, we can attempt to fulfill same-day requests, but unfortunately cannot guarantee availability.

Move a Truck: $20

Floral Wreath/Swing: $40/session, $60/mini – we hang, decorate, and take down after session

Carousel Rocking Horse (weight limit 50lb): $40 per session, or $40 per hour for mini-sessions.

West 12 Staff Assistance to Stage a Horse Photo (one location): $40 for up to 20 minutes

Unicorn (one location): $50 for up to 20 minutes

Chicks: $10/session, or $20/day with mini-sessions
(chicks are typically available 5-6 weeks prior to Easter)

Sorry – insurance does not allow guests to sit on the horses or unicorns.

For studio rates for the buggy or other event rental pieces, please text Barb at 209-479-3220.

CANCELLATION POLICY: No fee for cancellation due to inclement weather, or if no one had to be turned away for your time slot. If we turned other people away (ie: weekend afternoons) and you give less than 48 hours notice for a good weather day, you are responsible to pay for that slot.

Updated: 12/25/2020