From Cake Stands to the Weather: Choosing the Colors for Your California Wedding

From Cake Stands to the Weather: Choosing the Colors for Your California Wedding

Weddings are joyous affairs, heavily influenced by colors and themes. When it comes time to choose colors for your California wedding, there are several things to take into account. While white is a classic wedding color, typically accented with one or two other colors such as pink, blue, silver or gold, weddings for some are becoming a chance for the bride and groom to buck old trends.

When planning such a momentous occasion, it’s often a good idea to tap into your roots. What is the one color you’ve loved since you were a small child? Take a look in your closet and see if there’s a color that seems to dominate the rest. For the sake of this article, let’s say you’ve loved pale pink ever since you were a toddler, and still, years later, you love the idea of “pretty in pink.” Chances are, pink is a great place to start!

Next, what does your wedding venue look like? Are you having a wine country wedding here in San Joaquin? Indoor or outdoor? If your reception is inside, what colors are the carpets, drapes and artwork in hall? Do you have a view of the vineyards? How’s the lighting during the day and at night? Ask your photographer what colors photograph well in that setting – it may be that your favorite gold will turn brown or orange at your sunset wedding, something you would much rather know before you see your photos.

Weather, as usual, will play its own role in the decision. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, think about the time of the year it will be, and adjust your colors to accommodate the look of the plants and trees at that time. For instance, a spring wedding might include pastels, while a fall wedding might feature dark, rich reds, oranges, and browns. Many vineyards turn bright yellow from flowers between the grapevines in spring, so don’t forget to ask about seasonal landscaping that you may not see during the booking.

If you still have a hard time coming to a decision, contemplate the colors of your favorite flower, which colors look best with your skin and hair and those of your bridesmaids, or if any colors have held special meaning in your life. Some high school sweethearts even decide upon the mutual colors of their alma mater.

Of course, we here at West 12 Ranch in Lodi, California, are most concerned with a color scheme’s effect on the wedding dessert, cake or cupcake. Our Hoopla! cake stands, which we offer for rent, feature classic crystal and metals that can go well with any color extending the beauty and glamour of your wedding to everyone’s favorite table. No matter which color you decide on for your big day, we’ll find the perfect hand-crafted Hoopla! piece to go with it. Contact us to explore the possibilities today.

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