West 12 Hive Rescue & Honey

matts hand with bee_optLike many stories on this ranch, Matt’s bee keeping venture started as a rescue. A hive down at Port of Stockton was interfering with business and was going to be destroyed. Matt had compassion for the hard-working little bees and asked for one day to pull everything together and move the hive out to West 12. That was in 2009 and as of fall 2013, he had 12-13 active hives.

Each hive has approximately 60,000 bees, headed by a single queen. The bees work throughout the spring and summer to gather pollen and water to build their famous wax frames and fill them with honey to eat over the winter.

The drought has been hard on our hives and the bees have not had enough extra honey to sell recently. However, the hives are available to rent locally to pollinate fields and we do accept hives that need to be rehomed.

Call 209-479-3220 if you would like to rent a hive, or if you know of a hive that needs a new home.

We will keep this site updated in the event that we are once again able to offer local honey from our Lodi, CA bees.